Customer Testimonials

Please take a moment and read what some of our past customers have to say about working with us.  For our potential customers, we feel that this step is important for the reason that we want you to be confident with your decision in hiring us.


“One of the main differences between Omnibuild and other builders was Matt’s thoroughness and responsiveness during the bidding process. It was clear when the other builders were either slow or non-responsive to follow-up questions about their proposed bids, this would be the behavior we would experience from them during the construction process. Omnibuild was dedicated and quick to address any concerns with their bid which was exactly how they performed to the end of the project and continues even over two years after finishing…It is easy to see that Matt and his team is dedicated to building a quality product and he treats each of his crew like family. This shows Matt is someone of strong character and values.” — Jonathan

“When I talked with Abel and Noah, I was extremely impressed by their naturalness, kindness, and professionalism. To me, our goals for the land were very particular, personal, even sentimental, in addition to the construction challenges and many possible variables, not to mention the remote location and my coordinating it from 800 mile away. Later when I reported back to my dad about contracting the job, I told him (of Omnibuild): ‘They’re perfect. They were encouraging and interested and creative about all aspects of the project, and not just the skills, they seem to have the soul for the job. They understand what we want.” Later on the job site nearing completion of the work, I tried to explain to Abel what an honor it was for me and my family, all the work they (Omnibuild) had done, and done so well and in such good spirit, and how grateful we were. I tries to explain how this was my family’s legacy, and even though it was modest, it was very rich for us, and now he and Omnibuild had helped give it life again and have become an important part of it too for us.” — John

“We know and love Matt and knew the high quality, honest work the company was doing. Truthfully, we probably would not have decided to do it if we had to hire anyone else to build it. It made the decision so easy. We had always built our own structures but were glad to have an option to not have to this time…Thank you for providing such a completely satisfying and professional experience every step of the way and for being so knowledgeable and helping customers through the process.” — Amy and Bryan

“We’ve watched from afar the different jobs that Omnibuild has worked on in and around our community and we’ve always been impressed with the quality of work. Their reputation was already solid and since we have gotten to know the team, we understand why…We feel that the Omnibuild team sincerely has our business and our family’s best interest in mind. The final product is always solid. And since we’ve started working together, the Omnibuild team always has a great attitude, they come on time, prepared, and with a great knowledge and expertise in all of the areas…I feel like Matt and the team have a sincere care for our success, safety, and well-being (again both in business and our family), and we feel the same for him, his family, and his team. In a small community like Floyd, it takes that kind of care, Matt and Omnibuild exhibit that for us and we want the same success for him and the full team.” — Heather and Dylan

“I really appreciated working with your company. From start to finish everyone was friendly and professional. The work was done excellently and on time with consistency. I really liked that you had your own electrician and worked so closely with the cement company, everything flowed so well. The workers worked hard and were very pleasant people to have around…Matt and Noah were always polite and acted like they enjoyed doing the project and working with us.” — S.B.