New Home Construction

Building a new home is typically a once in a lifetime event.  Quality construction requires great care, attention and a high level of trust between the home owner and contractor.  At Omnibuild, we’ve have built our reputation, literally, one home at a time.  Our employees are committed to a high level of trust and communication which maintains transparency and develops a great relationship with our customers.  If you have found yourself here then you most likely already heard about us.  Take a moment and preview some of the homes that we have built.  You will find more info in our Blog.

construction in Floyd, VA

This is one of our current ‘2021’ contractor projects.  Our team did the plumbing, electrical and construction.

Omnibuild consists of Class A General Contractors that have a deep understanding of new home construction.  We build homes in Floyd, Montgomery, Roanoke, and Franklin counties.

Some of our specialties include:

  • energy-efficient homes
  • low-maintenance materials and systems
  • high-end electrical services such as home automation or “smart homes” (yes, you can have an energy-efficient smart home!)
  • providing budget-friendly solutions for your specific interest
  • timber frame

We strive to help you make the best decisions possible to meet your budget criteria. We typically operate on a fixed bid pay structure instead of cost-plus.  Fixed bid gives the customer peace of mind by keeping the up front costs firm without any hidden or surprising fees later.  We will work closely with you to ensure that all of your needs are considered and that you are completely happy with the durability and efficiency of your new home.

For a free consultation and free estimate call us at (540) 745-2599.

Homes recently completed

MCF - New Home Construction
New home construction in Floyd, VA
New home construction recently completed
New home construction 2021