Commercial Construction

Commercial enterprises need support during periods of growth and expansion.  Are you looking for a qualified team to build or renovate your office space, retail shop, or manufacturing plant?  Omnibuild has experience in commercial construction and knows how to build amongst some of the more rigorous codes.   The team at Omnibuild has built coffee shops, bee sanctuaries, warehouse space, and lighting manufacturers.  We help local businesses grow from the ground up, through all of the renovations.  We do this in order to help these businesses thrive.

Commercial construction often enough requires the installation of higher-grade electrical, complex plumbing, special and heating/cooling appliances.   Our designers are certified in these areas and can accommodate your special needs.

Omnibuild will take jobs of any size because we have a highly skilled and licensed team of 30.  When a project requires special attention and a high level of detail, such as special permitting or advanced engineering, we have the ability to provide a dedicated team to manage every aspect of the job from start to finish.


Finished Commercial construction
Krenshaw Commercial job

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